Miracle- Autism Recovery

Happy Halloween!
It’s Monday Miracle Time, much better than SUGAR!😎

Collin was just told he is no longer Autistic. IEP members provided all the proof. Only 9% of boys recover and usually not at 11 years old, normally 14-19 years old.

Do your child need a Miracle? The Power that made the body, Heals the body!


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Miracle- Regaining Vision

This miracle is so great we have to share it twice. If you haven’t seen Miguel’s testimony under miracles, then here is a brief summary of his amazing testimony.

After dedicating 40 years of his life to being a blacksmith, Miguel woke up one morning with vision impairment. He couldn’t drive, see, work, cook or even do laundry.
After his 3rd adjustment he had a 50% improvement in vision.  3 months of chiropractic care later… he is able to share this amazing story.

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Miracle- Beating C. Diff.

Judy suffered with C dif, a terrible intestinal infection that causes diarrhea 20-30 times per day. After being hospitalized she came to Cooperstown for a chiropractic miracle. Happy to oblige, it took less than 2 months for her body to heal itself.

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