Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team meets once a week to help create educational opportunities for our patients, develop community outreach events, and make decisions that help make Cooperstown Chiropractic run as efficient as possible in an ever changing world. You have already met Dr. Cooper, but have you met the rest of our Executive Team? If not, here is a great opportunity to get to know a little more about them.




Scotty Cooper

New Patient Advocate/ Office Manager

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Pacific University ’15.

If you have ever been in our office, you probably have already met Scotty. Scotty is our New Patient Advocate. He is the first person most of our new patients meet when they have their first appointment, and he is the business savvy linchpin that keeps Cooperstown Chiropractic running efficiently. He goes above and beyond to ensure all of our patients get the best service possible and know all of the opportunities we offer. We interviewed Scotty, and asked him the same questions we asked our CAs.

How long have you been a part of the Cooperstown Chiropractic Family? Since I was born.

When did you start working for Cooperstown Chiropractic? 2015

Why do you like/ love chiropractic? “I love chiropractic because it allows your body to function at its most optimal level, gives your body the best opportunity to heal itself, and it increases athletic performance.”

What is one thing you love most about working with our patients? “I love meeting new motivated people that are excited to get healthy and well.”

What is your chiropractic miracle? “I have always lived a Chiropractic lifestyle.  My miracle would have to be excelling in sports from a young age and through high school.  And making it all the way to playing college football and never missing a play during my four years.  I credit my durability and athletic performance to the healthy Chiropractic lifestyle that I live.”



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Angelique Gordon, M. Ed.

Executive Administrator

Masters of Education, Student Affairs, Regent University ’11

Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Emphasis: Interpersonal Organizational Comm., Cognate: Psychology & Marketing, Azusa Pacific University ’07

Angelique is based out of San Diego, so if you haven’t seen her when she’s in the office, you now understand why. She is responsible for patient education, social media, community outreach, and working alongside Scotty and Dr. Cooper to help the office run as smooth as possible. We interviewed Angelique, and asked her the same questions we asked our CAs.

How long have you been a part of the Cooperstown Chiropractic family? June 2011

When did you start working for Cooperstown Chiropractic? April 2013

Why do you love/like chiropractic? “I love chiropractic. To me, it is so simple to have an optimally functioning central nervous system that allows the body to function at the highest levels of health and healing without the interference of medication or evasive treatments for issues that people commonly struggle with, and all of this is done by correcting subluxations by chiropractic adjustments.”

What is one thing you love most about working with our patients? “I love seeing all of our patients in the office go through their journey to wellness. From the baby steps to the major miles stones, their journey and their story is what makes me love what I do.”

What is your chiropractic miracle? “My precious baby girl is my miracle. At 16 years old I was told I would never be able to carry a baby beyond 28 weeks, if I was ever able to get pregnant to begin with. I had multiple failed IUI’s and had lost all hope of ever having a baby of my own. After chiropractic care, nutritional supplementation and detox I was able to carry my sweet baby girl in the womb until she was 38 weeks. My precious girl is now a happy healthy chiropractic loving child..”