Our Massage Therapist


Mayra Montoya, CMT

Mayra has been a part of our Cooperstown family since 2014.

"I was half way through my third pregnancy. My whole family gets adjusted. My 3 boys and my husband. I am so happy that my husband was decided to finally give chiropractic a chance. He felt results the very same night of his first adjustment."

"I have been massaging Cooperstown patients since 2013, but I became an official part of the Cooperstown team in April 2016. I can honestly say, I love working in a chiropractic office. Every person that walks through the door has their own story; their own miracle story. Every person has their own struggle that they have or are going through. I love listening to their chiropractic miracles of how they will never go back to the way they were. All thanks to Dr. Cooper, his adjustments, and now he has educated them into a holistic lifestyle."

What is the one thing you love most about working with our patients?

"I myself love working with patients, especially on this level. That is why I decided to go back to school and become a massage therapist. There is not better feeling of satisfaction than knowing I was able to help someone get relief from pain they've had for so long. Whether it is low back pain, sciatic pain or the nuisance of a headache- I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I helped that person finally feel better, able to get through the day, and/or have a restful night."

What is your chiropractic miracle?

"Everyone that walks through Cooperstown's doors has their own miracle story. I, myself am no exception. After my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with prolapsed uterus. I was put on hormonal treatment. That wasn't working, so my OB/GYN then suggested surgery where a mesh liner would be implanted. I really didn't want to get surgery so I was stalling, which I'm glad I did. Soon after that I started getting adjusted. That's when I started to notice a lot of physical changes. My cycle was normalizing again, I didn't have a feeling of something 'falling out' anymore. A few months after my yearly exam, my visit was a great surprise. Everything was back to where it belonged! No need for surgery and never again would I go on hormonal treatment."

"God always puts you where you belong. Growing up I was treated with natural remedies and I always wanted to take it one step further and learn more. Now I have taken it that one step further. I have learned that every body has the ability to heal itself when the body has no physical interference. The power that made the body, heals the body. My family and I are learning more each day and are fully benefiting from our adjustments. Our holistic lifestyle will not only stay with us, but will be taught to our future generations."