Breaking Boundaries

Concussion Rehabilitation

Two weeks after an injury that is either unattended to or inappropriately attended to, permanent changes occur.  Don’t delay, call and make an appointment.

Watch a preview of a few of our exclusive interviews:

Briton lost count after having multiple concussions while playing college football. He had a decision to make, and needed to decide what his future would be.

This story is so powerful, writing any intro just will not do it justice. What do you do when your body turns against you with an auto-immune disease and your traditional medical doctors do not know what else to do to help you? Louie made a choice and found hope at Cooperstown.

A college athlete who came into our doors from a referral from her coach from a knee injury. During her care we found out she had suffered multiple concussions and she didn't know how much it was effecting her studies.

What do you do when the one thing you identified the most with is no longer a part of your life? That was a tough change for Zack, and his story is one that many can relate to.