Your Health Philosophy

In December we had shared an opportunity for you to join us to ask yourself the tough questions and find out if you truly know and understand about where you turn for your health. Do you know what your health philosophy is?

Dr. Patrick Gentempo walks you through 5 modules to help you not only understand why philosophy is important in your life, but most importantly why having a strong health philosophy is most important in your life.

You will be asked to introspectively think and answer questions like:

  1. Do you know what you believe?
  2. Do you know why you believe it?
  3. Where do you go for guidance of your health?
  4. Are you turning to blogs or websites that go against what you believe?

Each module takes about 30 minutes, so what are you waiting for? Maybe you forgot the link? It’s ok, we can help with that.

This $67 program is our gift to you. We look forward to sharing your health journey with you.

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Moving Is Not Easy

As many of you know, moving is not easy. This past December we had a very short time to¬†find a temporary space, and move into our “camp out” until our new suite is ready. It was a whirlwind of emotions and changes for us, and we know this is absolutely for the best!

So if you have tried to Google us recently and see red letters that says “Permanently Closed” for our address at 162 N Raymond, you now know the truth. It’s not that we closed, we just moved to 680 Langsdorf Drive.

Here are some pictures of our “Camp out Location”. We won’t be here too long, but it is a fun place to call home while we are here.


We would not be able to call this place our “camp out” without the help of our staff. When most people were recovering after New Year’s Day, our staff and some amazing friends came over to help us pack and move into our new place. Yes, you read correctly, we moved in a day and on the 2nd of January. Our landlords have gone above and beyond to ensure our patients would have a place to go to that they would enjoy while we are doing our buildout for our new permanent office. We did our best to ensure nobody missed out on any of their adjustments while we were going through this transition, and we are happy to go through this experience with you.


We will be updating you on the process (not giving away too many details) we are going through in the new place. We cannot wait to show you our finished wellness center!




We are excited to share this experience with you!


Cooperstown Chiropractic


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