Spring Ahead in Time and Health


This weekend we will be springing forward ahead an hour thanks to that full filled event called Daylight Savings. Getting used to a different time can be taxing on your body and immune system. Why not give it a little extra help by ensuring your body is functioning at the best level possible by removing interference that is caused by subluxation. Get your adjustment, and give your body a fighting chance at health.



We will be closed Friday-Saturday, March 18-19.
To ensure you have your supplements in time, we will be placing our orders for Standard Process and Metagenics at noon on Monday, March 13th.


Do you remember the gold sheet you filled out with up to 19 names of people you felt could really benefit from Chiropractic? Maybe there is someone on your mind or heart who you feel could use really benefit from joining our chiropractic family. Why not help them spring into health by inviting them to join us for Dinner with the Doctor this month on Wednesday, March 16th at 6:30 p.m. Invite your special guest and help them take steps to take back their health at Florentine’s Grill at the Tuscany Club. Please RSVP no later than Tuesday, March 15th by noon with your menu selection.


Downtown Salad
Mixed greens/ Cranberries/ Gorgonzola Crumbles/ Caramelized Pecans/ Lemon Vinaigrette
Choose One: Chicken/ Salmon/ Shrimp

Chicken Pesto
Penne Noodles/ Sun Dried Tomatoes/ Mushrooms/ Pine Nuts
*ask for gluten free or wheat pasta

Vegetable Lasagna
Eggplant/ Zucchini/ Yellow Squash/ Mushrooms/ Bell Peppers/ Ricotta/ Pesto/ Béchamel

Cedar Plank Baked Atlantic Salmon
Mango Relish/ Rice Pilaf/ Grilled Vegetable Skewer
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Conferences & Supplements & E-mails, OH MY!

Conferences, & Supplements & E-mails…

Ok, well we aren’t really going to find the wonderful wizard of oz, but there are going to be having a change in our schedule, shifting the day we order supplements and encourage you to utilize certain e-mail addresses.

Instead of searching for a brain with the scarecrow, we will be definitely building our educational levels by attending some amazing conferences. Please note we will be closed on the following days:
Friday, March 4th- Saturday, March 5th.
Friday, March 18th – Saturday, March 19th.
Friday, March 25th – Saturday, March 26th.

We will not be with the tin man asking the wizard for a heart. But, to make sure you are keeping healthy and will have your supplements available to you, we will be shifting our ordering days to the following (while we are with Scarecrow)
Monday, February 29th
Monday, March 14th
Monday, March 21st

We do have plenty of courage to help you maintain your body’s optimum level of wellness, so we will not be joining the cowardly lion. But, if you have questions that could help you be stronger in your wellness journey, please do not hesitate to ask us.
You can email all supplement orders or scheduling questions to orders@cooperstownchiro.com 
You will receive a quick response from our amazing staff.
If you have general questions, suggestions, want to have us participate in an educational luncheon with your work, please email:

We do appreciate you trusting us with you and your family’s health, and appreciate your understanding with the changes in our schedule.