Luis Lowered his Cholesterol

People often associate visiting a Chiropractor with being treated for back pain. While Cooperstown Chiropractic can certainly address your back pain, neck pain and joint pain, we take a vitalistic approach to preventative health care that treats the body as a whole.

When Luis R. came to us he was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and elevated triglyceride levels. He was being told that he needed to take several prescription medications to deal with these symptoms. We put Luis on a Care Plan that included regular spinal adjustments as well as a nutrition program. We evaluated Luis for nutrient deficiencies and provided him with all natural supplements to restore his body to a healthy, natural state.

In a few short months, Louis had completely altered his blood chemistry and improved his health by following our drug-free Care Plan. We are so proud of Luis and happy for the miracle he has experienced. At Cooperstown Chiropractic, you have the opportunity to live the healthy, pain free life that everyone deserves.