Dr. Alicia Strunk, D.C.

dr. alicia beach

Dr. Alicia Strunk, D.C. is a rising star and associate doctor at Cooperstown Chiropractic. 

Why do you love chiropractic?

I love chiropractic because I love what it offers, a lifestyle filled with health and true vitality. Chiropractic removes limitations and allows for people to live their best lives. By educating, inspiring and teaching people about health I’m able to see miracles happen everyday.

What is one thing you love most about working with patients?

What I love most about working with our patients is that it feels like being with close friends and family everyday. We have created such a place of hope that really brings the best out of people while bringing them together for a common cause, a chiropractic lifestyle.

What is your chiropractic miracle?

My greatest chiropractic miracle isn’t a specific patient but helping any patient that has told by other health care practitioners that there is nothing they can do, or that they just don’t know what to do. Giving these people hope, and healing them both physically and mentally is my greatest joy. Watching someone live their best life possible is my miracle I get to experience daily.