Massage Reviews

“Mayra, This was the BEST massage I have ever experienced! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and providing total comfort. Actually, I felt physically drugged by the release of endorphins into my body. You are the greatest Mayra!” – Cindy

“Yesterday I played racquet ball with some friends and woke up today with pain in my right shoulder. I tried to massage it out myself but it wasn’t working. So I went to the one person I knew could resolve this problem… MAYRA! My massage was soothing, slow and relaxing. I love how she takes the time to make sure that one spot on my back is taken care of. Mayra’s massages ROCK!” -Kaela  

“Mayra’s 10 minute chair massages are perfect after a long day at work. I can’t wait to get a hot stone massage. I’m sure it will be amazing.” -Shannon

“Massages from Mayra are the best! She listens well to my description of what’s bothering me and asks for feedback while working on my problem areas.     I am so appreciative of this! It let’s me know that she is working hard and makes sure I feel better once she is done. Whether I get a full body massage, or have specific areas worked on, I know I will walk out of my appointment feeling much better than when I walked in. Thanks Mayra!” -Heather

“Mayra gave me a super gentle massage that left me completely relaxed. It was exactly what I needed.” – Dana

Thank you Dana for giving our massage therapist, Mayra such a great review! Dana is careful when choosing massages because she’s kicking fibromyalgia’s butt!