Thank you to all of our loyal practice-members. We appreciate your continued support over the years. We love to read your reviews. We are truly grateful for you.

Reviews By Our Practice-Members:


Family Feels at Home

1/23/2019 Joshua C. - Downey, CA -   via Yelp

This place is incredible. It has been such a blessing to my wife and I. The atmosphere is extremely comfortable, and the doctors and staff are very friendly. It is easy to feel at home.

My wife and I are so grateful for the amazing service


I Walk Out Always Feeling Good

1/12/2019 Barbara K.   via Google Reviews

Dr. Cooper is gifted. He has helped me and my family for over 10 years. Going to his office is like going to visit friends. I won't be going anywhere else. Awesome doctor. Walk out of his office always feeling good


Sciatic Doesn’t Bother Like It Did

12/10/2018 Michael B.   via Google Reviews

I started going here 3 weeks ago I fill like a new person. My sciatica is not bother me like it was. Dr Cooper takes the time to get to know you as a person, that alone says a lot about Cooperstown. Thank you, Cooperstown for your help.


Lowering High Blood Pressure

11/21/2019 Joe S.   via Yelp

Dr Cooper helped me lower my blood pressure through natural supplements and coaching me to be a healthier person.  Thanks Dr Cooper!


Find and Fix Problems I Didn’t Know I Had

11/9/2018 Alex F.   via Google Reviews

Dr. Cooper was able to find and fix problems that I didn't even know were able to be fixed. If you have never (or have) been to a chiropractor, Cooperstown is the place to go. Dr. Cooper has years of knowledge behind him and is definitely above the rest. Dr. Alicia has also been doing amazing work despite the fact that she has just started. The staff is amazing, and always feel welcomed. I wouldn't go anywhere else!


They Care About Your Health

11/2/2018 Alex R.  via Google Reviews

Awesome people who really care about your health!


Car Accident Recovery Without Narcotics

9/24/2018 Daniel C.   via Google Reviews

Outstanding knowledgeable care. I was in a car accident and numerous doctors said, "I must have surgery." They were wrong and I even did it without any narcotics.


Whole Family Health

9/17/2018 Glen S. – Fullerton, CA -   via Yelp

Dr. Cooper and the entire staff are welcoming, comforting and caring. The offices are clean and immaculate. Our whole family has been kept healthy with regular visits. We highly recommend Cooperstown Chiropractic!


Neurological Issue Without Medication

9/6/2018 Kaela T.   via Google Reviews

I’ve been battling a neurological issue almost my whole life, but it only started showing symptoms in college. I have gone to multiple neurologists and each one has just suggested more medication.
When I thought all hope was lost, Dr. Ken Cooper from Cooperstown Chiropractic came into my life. Dr. Cooper looked at my situation as a whole and found solutions that didn’t require more medication. These solutions included getting adjusted regularly, following a specific nutritional protocol, and changing my diet.
I’m still continuing my health journey but I see significant changes in my neurological issue.
Thank you, Dr. Cooper and everyone at Cooperstown for your love and support.


Long Term Wellness Care

8/22/2018 James S.   via Google Reviews

I've known Dr. Cooper for the longest time and he helps me get better.


Unique Medical Issues

8/15/2018 Sarah W. – Santa Ana, Ca -  via Yelp

Personally, most Doctors I meet give me a blank look and send me away when I approach them with my unique medical issues.  It is very mentally wearing to have so many doctors and hospitals give up on you and not care about you as a teenager.  

But right when I met Dr. Cooper, there wasn't a single doubt in my mind that he genuinely cares about each and every one of his patients.  I have only seen him for a little while now, and he has taken such interest in helping me get better that I have never experienced before. 

Within the weeks of seeing him, I have had an unreasonable amount of pain from intestinal issues abruptly and huge panic attack which gave me constant pain and left me on bed rest.  I went to the ER and got let out with a simple answer, a couple question marks, and no solution. But right when I saw Dr. Cooper, my pain disappeared. 

Miracles ARE to be expected with God working through Dr. Cooper’s hands.  And I cannot wait to see what is in store through this healing process.


No More Brain Fog

8/3/2018 Norma G.  via Google Reviews

After completing the “cranial nerve” appointment with Dr. Cooper, I noticed on my way home that the colors were brighter and sharper. And I didn’t feel that I was any longer in a (brain) fog. Thank you and I love Dr Cooper!


Concussion Recovery

7/25/2018 Jacquelyn A.  via Google Reviews

I got a concussion and Dr. Cooper was quick to meet my needs with supplementation and a treatment plan. He is not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. His experience is evident, he provides quality and makes you feel as if you are his only patient even though there are several other patients in the same room as you. Arrive early to your appointment or adjustment hour because there may be a line. I was referred to him by a coworker and being a nurse, I am cautious in who I trust with my health, but I trust him.


Previously Skeptical about Chiropractic Care

5/8/2018 Liz I. – Riverside, CA -  via Yelp


I feel sorry I was sooo skeptical about chiropractic work. I previously went through tons of threads online that give horror stories about visiting a Chiropractor... and it took me a little over three years to decide that I needed to look for a chiro that I could trust. (So glad I came here!)

I was previously bloody terrified of the possibilities... I was terrified of having an adjustment. What if it went wrong? Adjusting your body and the structures that make it shouldn't be performed by just anyone even if they have a degree! I mean we have 1 just 1 body!!

I was unsure about vertebral subluxation, UNTIL I MET THE GIFTED DR. KEN COOPER. He breaks things down to a T and he explains how your body is affected by neurological and nerve disturbances caused by a misalignment in your spine. (I promise it's not complicated if you let him or Scotty the New Patient Advocate explain this)

Dr. Cooper takes the time to personally break down what abnormalities your body is undergoing with you...and makes sure you also digest and understand what he explains! GET THIS...I didn't clue him in on the spots that pained me on my back and feet and he intuitively JUST KNEW and pointed them out after a bit of questions and diagnostics during the first consultation. I didn't even realize there were some spots on my body that did feel tight, dull, sore and sensitive to the touch. 
After realizing how incredibly intelligent this man and his team is I began to feel at ease and happy with my decision to visit! 
*I also hear his wife is a graduate level Anatomy you bet he knows what he is doing!

Before coming to Cooperstown Chiropractic my back was in pain every night and I slept a mere 4 hours. 
I kid you not...the day after my first adjustment I slept like a royal queen for a solid 8-9 hours straight. My back in 0 pain. I also felt 10 pds of pressure lifted from my back area and much less tightness. And I could go #2 regularly again. (Lol)

Second adjustment: I had this bump on my neck that I thought was genetic...turns out it wasn't and I no longer have neck pain. Or any feeling of pinching. AND THE BUMP IS GONE LIKE THE WIND JK but it is LONG GONE. I am still mind blown at the progress my body made in the first two visits. 
Hail the people at Cooperstown. Thank you for helping me sleep, walk and feel better...and thank you for making this easy, painless, and not scary at all!
I highly recommend you call them like ASAP because the sooner you call the sooner you can witness and discover relief! And with thorough explanations to go with it!


Best Chiropractor

3/15/2018 Don N.  via Google Reviews

Dr. Cooper is by far the best in chiropractic treatment and nutrition. I have been healthier and physically feeling better than ever.


Healthier Family

3/10/2018 Sanjuana L.  via Google Reviews

Dr Cooper has taught me so much about health. He has helped me and my family be healthier and feel so much better. I highly recommend him. His staff is really nice, just like him.


Long Term Wellness Care

3/8/2018 Emily L. -  via Yelp

I have been a patient at Cooperstown since 1999. Dr. Ken Cooper is personable and listens carefully to patient concerns. He often knows what is wrong with your body structurally before you know your symptoms. His total wellness approach to health makes sense as it has taken a lifetime to get to the place you are today and maintenance is required to keep your body well: just like eating right or exercise is not just for a season, neither is chiropractic care. If you need acute care due to an accident he can help you there as well, he takes a thorough report of what happened and your health concerns and can help in submitting insurance claims. He's well informed on cutting edge research and was recently recognized by his peers in a conference in Europe as one of the best chiropractors in the world. He offers standard process and Metagenics supplements and detox powders. He tailors your nutritional supplements and detox powders specifically to your body's needs. He has a great touch. His staff and interns are all friendly warm and knowledgeable. You will be happy you joined a wellness plan with Cooperstown.


Nonverbal Autistic Son

2018 Mama B.  via Google Reviews

Dr Cooper is amazing, definitely expect miracles to happen here. After only a week of adjusting our nonverbal autistic son we noticed a spike in his speech and in his eye contact! He also relieved my 12-year-old from his constant rhinitis only after a few adjustments. I love his friendly staff. And the knowledge that they provide is more than any Dr's office I've been too. I've learned so much from Dr Cooper and when I leave his office, I feel so informed. He always takes his time to explain and answer any questions I may have! Thank god we found you!


Holistic Lifestyle

2018 Melissa B.  via Google Reviews

LOVE DR. COOPER! This man will change your life and make you see health in a way you have never seen before. Because of this office I have transitioned into a holistic lifestyle. This is a very family friendly office! You have to see for yourself!


Chiropractor Great with Kids

2018 Michelle T.  via Google Reviews

Amazing things happen here. Everybody needs to come in for adjustments. A great staff and they treat you as one of the family. Great with kids. Fun and energetic chiropractor in a warm and loving environment.


Personalized Pregnancy Treatment

2018 Michela T.  via Google Reviews

My mother in law brought me here 3 months ago, in my 5th month of pregnancy, in order to be checked out because I needed a more specific and personalized prenatal vitamins. Dr. Cooper is very nice and highly qualified and helped me find what was working best for me. I came today, driving all the way from San Diego where I live with my husband, for my second appointment and I simply loved it. He updated my vitamins and he also explained to me important things about vaccines and about my future birth plan. I highly recommend Dr. Cooper to everyone, pregnant or not! 🙂


Used to be in Constant Pain

2018 Claudia R.  via Google Reviews

I only have been coming to Dr. Cooper for about 3 weeks and I am in heaven. In such a short amount of time I have been feeling outstanding. I used to be in constant pain every day for the past 4 to 5 years and I already feel so much improvement. I look forward to every appointment and leave out of there renewed and so happy, everyone there is super friendly and so helpful. I LOVE IT!!!


Treatment for My Boys: Falls, Bumps, or Colds

2018 Mayra M.  via Google Reviews

I've been bringing my whole family to see Dr. Cooper for over two years now. My boys love him. Whether they get hurt playing, have a fall, get a bump on the head, or have a cold - Cooperstown is the first place I take them. Dr. Cooper helps my husband with his back and knee pain which is ALOT being that he's a mechanic. Thanks to the nutritional part, I have only had 2 migraines in 2 years. Before Dr. Cooper I would get them 2 times a week and I was down for the whole day. I religiously get us all adjusted at least once a week.


Depression and Anxiety

9/18/2017 Denise S. -  via Yelp

I've suffered with depression and anxiety for years, seeing different therapists, psychiatrists, doctors and none of them could EVER compare to Dr. Cooper and his amazing staff. I feel so warm and welcomed when I'm there and the treatment exceeds my expectations for my journey to a healthy and happy life. Not only did my neck and back problems get way better, but so did my mental health and I'm so grateful I can trust Dr. Cooper with my health!


Critical Neck and Head Injury

9/5/2017 Connor C. -  via Yelp

Dr. Cooper changed my life. After a critical neck and head injury, Cooperstown Chiro was able to get me back on my feet immediately. Working with Cooperstown Chiropractic is an enjoyable process for everyone. It is one of the only places I go, where I feel at home and comfortable. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff are always supportive and encouraging. 

5/5 Stars! Go to Cooperstown Chiro!!


I’m Sleeping the Entire Night

8/28/2017 Odette A. – Anaheim, CA -  via Yelp

I'm sleeping the entire night. That means a lot considering I was struggling to fall asleep, and stay asleep because my hip pain was so intense. I mean  just to walk was nearly a dare.

I used to constantly crack my neck (about every half hour) and my hips (just as frequently) and I'd experience a miserable level of discomfort if I didn't. Eventually, enough was enough for me, and I went in to see Dr. Cooper. 

After only a week (I'm not exaggerating), I noticed a difference. It's been a month now and I'm already noticing a significant difference.

The consultation is detailed and informative because he takes his time to thoroughly explain what's going on in your body and how all your systems are related and affected while observing your x- rays. 

Adjustments are not arranged by appointment but rather by adjustment hours (or windows) which allows for some flexibility. I'm always running late (or maybe I'm just busy???) so this takes the pressure off. One less thing to run frantically to.

The adjustment room is one large open room, but I don't mind. You're not bored in an isolated room, wondering why 5 minutes of waiting always feels like an hour. Instead you're able to interact with other clients while waiting or listen to the interesting conversations and music playing. There's a very welcoming and casual vibe to this office, which I appreciate. 

Sum it up:
1. Dr. Cooper knows his stuff. 
2. His practice is effective.
3. There's a positive vibe the entire time, every day. 

I'm glad I complained to the right person because she recommended I give Dr. Cooper a try and I'm very pleased with my experience.



5/15/2017 Wyatt B.  via Yelp

The nerve pain radiating down from my neck was unbearable. Some days when it got really bad I would completely lose the ability to use my right arm. I couldn't even hold my head up at school/work, it would just fall to one side and I would have to use my hand to lift it back up.

I was super hesitant to let anyone touch my neck but Dr. Cooper was so kind and patient answering all of my 10 million questions that I decided to go ahead and get treatment. 

Within a few weeks and I was able to return to my day to day activities PAIN FREE! Do you understand? PAIN FREE. No more grinding pain and dreading the day as I woke up every morning. I finally felt like myself again. 

Dr. Coop - You're the man and I will be forever appreciative of all your help.


Cooperstown Truly Cares About Your Well-Being

2017 Karin A.  via Google Reviews

Only at Cooperstown chiropractic will you be able to find a doctor and staff that care about you not only as a patient, but TRULY care about your well-being. If I told you I loved them, this would be an understatement!

Words could not express the gratitude I have for them and all they continue to do for me. Training for a half-marathon, I was experiencing excruciating pain on my knee by mile 2 without fail. With continued treatment from Dr. Cooper I'm blessed to say I finished my run without pain and haven't experienced any since.

"Miracles do happen" they have etched on the walls of their office. This is not your generic chiropractic office....they wear their love of God on their sleeves and proudly serve him. I've been able to find comfort, relief, and friendship within the walls of their office.

If you're looking for chiropractic, nutritional support, and emotional clearing let this be where you too find healing.

Thank you, Cooperstown Chiropractic for being a rock in my life, and for helping me run like a diva!


Suffering with Insomnia

2017 Oona C.  via Google Reviews

A friend of mine had been trying to get me to see Dr. Cooper for years. Should've listened to her much sooner. I have suffered with insomnia since my childhood and my sleep has improved drastically. Not only am I able to fall asleep, I'm able to stay asleep. No more being awake for two to three hours in the middle of the night, every night! You get more than a chiropractic adjustment here. You have an entire staff of people who are dedicated to whole body wellness. Love this place!


Improving Performance Physically and Mentally

2017 Benjamin F.  via Google Reviews

Dr. Cooper is a miracle worker. He has helped our whole family feel amazing and healthy. Dr. Cooper and the staff team are far more than a Chiropractic office, they help our family lead a healthy lifestyle in every way from freeing us of pain and improving our performance physically and mentally, to guiding our nutrition and education on living long and healthy. The personal care that the whole staff team takes truly makes you feel like part of a special family, it is just a happy place to be. I can't imagine now not having Cooperstown in our life for our family and I feel great about taking care of my family for their future health and wellness!


Pain After a Fall

2016 Debbie Y.  via Google Reviews

Well yesterday I hurt my lower back on a ladder by losing my balance. I hurt so bad that just walking was causing severe pain. Dr. Cooper saw me walking into the office and asked what happened. After evaluation and adjustment, I felt better. I applied ice as recommended and feel so much better today. I can walk today with NO pain. Thank you, Dr. Cooper!


My 11 Year Old and 12 Year Old Love Cooperstown

2016 Jennifer R.  via Google Reviews

The whole family loves Cooperstown. When I asked my 11 & 12 year old’s why, here is what they said: *Because it helps my back and the people are nice. *Because they are a family and they lovingly welcome us in.

I wholeheartedly agree with their assessment!


Mom with Back Pain

4/24/2016 Luisa J. – Los Angeles, CA -  via Yelp

My back is in pretty bad shape - I'd put off my visit because like many moms we rarely put our needs first. After hurting my shoulder last year during a move & experiencing constant pain for about 6 months I said "enough is enough". My first adjustment was on 4/16/16 and to say it helped tremendously is an understatement. Although, I still felt soreness in my lower back, I no longer had the tight pain in my shoulder. My second adjustment was on 4/23/ the day progressed I realized "Hey! My lower back isn't hurting!" I was actually able to lay on my back comfortably - something I haven't done in years. Looking forward to my future adjustments and having my back feel 100%!! Wellness is the KEY here and I thank Dr. Cooper for being amazing!


Long-distance Patient

6/23/2015 Brent L. – Chico, CA -  via Yelp

Cooperstown Chiropractic rocks!!!  
Every time I'm in town to visit my family (all patients at their office), I stop by to get adjusted. 
Their staff is friendly, knows everyone's name, and they educate you about real, true health. 
Thank you for keeping me and my family healthy from the inside out!


Helped Many Times Over the Years Including Broken Bones and Car Accidents

10/16/2013 Stefanie R. -  via Yelp

I've been going to Dr. Cooper's for almost 18 years. So it's safe to say I know the guy pretty well....

I've never been to another chiropractor, and I won't ever go to another one, even if I move away. Dr. Cooper has saved me on many, many, MANY occasions. When it comes to my general health, he has never been wrong. Not once. I tend to be a TEENY bit clumsy... so I have been hurt MANY times over the years (my nickname is dummy lol) from car accidents to a broken ankle and everything in between... and because of him, I have never had to see a general practitioner (yes, even with a broken ankle). He definitely has a wonderful talent for what he does. 

My favorite memory of Dr. Cooper is from way back in the day... I received a birthday card from the office. The outside had a picture of a skeleton, and the inside caption read "If you come by, Dr. Bones will sing to you for your birthday". Well normal people would interpret that as getting an adjustment (sound of cracking bones). Well, in my teenage fit, I INSISTED he actually sing to me. He looked at me like I was crazy and laughed for a minute... then he sat me on the counter and sang Happy Birthday to me. It was hilarious. 

But on top of all that, he's a loving, wonderful, family man. He is strong in his faith and that means a lot to me. Spiritually he has guided me and helped me immensely. There have been days I have walked into his office a complete emotional mess, and he is always there for me. He is truly like family. I love that man.


Honest and Affordable Chiropractic Care

8/21/2013 Sara M. – Downey, CA -  via Yelp

Dr. Cooper is one of the Nicest, Honest people I've ever met ....  He has helped me out the past with back problems (LIFE SAVER!) ..  and Fixes my Mother's problems on a regular basis....  I Would recommend this office to anyone looking for honesty and affordability.


Stage 4 Colon Cancer

6/13/2013 Julie A. – Whittier, CA -  via Yelp

Dr. Cooper is the most down to earth, loving doctor you'll ever meet. I had a friend who only had 8% chance of surviving cancer and given 2 years to live. She was battling stage 4 colon cancer. If it wasn't for the quality care he gave her she may have not been the miracle story I am so glad to share. I respect his passion and care for his patients. As of a result I now have about 10 of my friends visiting him and we can all agree he has greatly helped our health in a great way. I would strongly recommend anyone to make a trip to his office.


I’m Walking Straighter

3/20/2010 Pete J. – Orange County -  via Yelp

My first visit. Office staff were very helpful. Dr. Cooper is way into sports. I'm not but no matter, my first adjustment was unlike any of the chiros I'd been to before. Turns out my lower back by my tailbone was way out of alignment. In any case, I wake up this morning & notice not only less lower back pain; I notice I'm walking straighter. Much straighter. And I'm thinking about my posture, not just standing up straight but standing & sitting square with my lower back & legs even with my shoulders. I'll visit again later this week. But suffice it to say, out of all the quack chiropractors out there, Dr. Cooper so far seems to be legit & a true sports/physical therapist without all the voodoo garbage you find from some in that profession. I'd give 10 stars if I could.