Welcome, Hope University

On August 24, 2017 we welcomed Hope University athletes to have a concussion screening. It was a great experience to be able to pre-screen and give a real baseline of health for many of them being freshmen.

52 athletes were screened, of that 71.2% were identified as predisposed to a concussion and only 15% were not. What does that mean for these athletes? It means they have a true baseline of health regarding susceptibility to concussions.

What a great experience to be able to reach out to our own community to help these passionate athletes understand what they body is doing and to give them the opportunity to take control and  mitigate damages from concussions.

For more information regarding concussions, please click on our concussions tab.

June Changes in Schedule



To all of the graduates of the Class of 2017,


We are so excited for all of our Cooperstown Family who are graduating this year. You all make us so proud.

This year the Cooper family will be celebrating their very own graduate as well! Congratulations to Vannie Cooper for earning your bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon.

With all of the celebrations, please mark your calendars…
We will be CLOSED:
Friday- Monday, June 16-19
Friday, June 23rd from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Building Our Tribe- By Dr. Cooper

Building Our Tribe!

Some people have asked me about how to convince their friends and family to come to Cooperstown and become a part of the tribe.

I responded–be Socratic (like the philosopher Socrates) ask questions, EDUCATE! Defining “to teach” means to put in but “to educate” means to draw out. Draw out in your questions the answers that you already answered for yourself. Like “What if there was a way that you could recover from your problem or be healthier without having to use drugs? And what if this method gets to real cause of the problem, not just the symptoms?” “What if this method had been used for years and proven to be effective with little risk to you?”

Then INSPIRE! Tell your story! What’s happened to you and your loved ones while at Cooperstown.

Create a place of HOPE! Invite them to Cooperstown or to Dinner with the Doctor. Let them know what an amazing place this is and how we want them to become part of our TRIBE!

And Expect the MIRACLES to happen. We are Best of the Best, voted amongst the top 1 percent of the Chiropractors in the World!
Let the power be turned on and light restored!

Love to all,
Dr Cooper

Anna- Kicking Cancer’s Butt

Miracle time again! If Kidney and Adrenal cancer scares you, please meet Anna! Her take no prisoners attitude inspires all of us. She lives a chiropractic lifestyle!

Please share!
Cooperstown, we educate and inspire, create a place of hope where Miracles are Expected.

Moving Is Not Easy

As many of you know, moving is not easy. This past December we had a very short time to find a temporary space, and move into our “camp out” until our new suite is ready. It was a whirlwind of emotions and changes for us, and we know this is absolutely for the best!

So if you have tried to Google us recently and see red letters that says “Permanently Closed” for our address at 162 N Raymond, you now know the truth. It’s not that we closed, we just moved to 680 Langsdorf Drive.

Here are some pictures of our “Camp out Location”. We won’t be here too long, but it is a fun place to call home while we are here.


We would not be able to call this place our “camp out” without the help of our staff. When most people were recovering after New Year’s Day, our staff and some amazing friends came over to help us pack and move into our new place. Yes, you read correctly, we moved in a day and on the 2nd of January. Our landlords have gone above and beyond to ensure our patients would have a place to go to that they would enjoy while we are doing our buildout for our new permanent office. We did our best to ensure nobody missed out on any of their adjustments while we were going through this transition, and we are happy to go through this experience with you.


We will be updating you on the process (not giving away too many details) we are going through in the new place. We cannot wait to show you our finished wellness center!




We are excited to share this experience with you!


Cooperstown Chiropractic