Building Our Tribe- By Dr. Cooper

Building Our Tribe!

Some people have asked me about how to convince their friends and family to come to Cooperstown and become a part of the tribe.

I responded–be Socratic (like the philosopher Socrates) ask questions, EDUCATE! Defining “to teach” means to put in but “to educate” means to draw out. Draw out in your questions the answers that you already answered for yourself. Like “What if there was a way that you could recover from your problem or be healthier without having to use drugs? And what if this method gets to real cause of the problem, not just the symptoms?” “What if this method had been used for years and proven to be effective with little risk to you?”

Then INSPIRE! Tell your story! What’s happened to you and your loved ones while at Cooperstown.

Create a place of HOPE! Invite them to Cooperstown or to Dinner with the Doctor. Let them know what an amazing place this is and how we want them to become part of our TRIBE!

And Expect the MIRACLES to happen. We are Best of the Best, voted amongst the top 1 percent of the Chiropractors in the World!
Let the power be turned on and light restored!

Love to all,
Dr Cooper

Miracle- Autism Recovery

Happy Halloween!
It’s Monday Miracle Time, much better than SUGAR!ūüėé

Collin was just told he is no longer Autistic. IEP members provided all the proof. Only 9% of boys recover and usually not at 11 years old, normally 14-19 years old.

Do your child need a Miracle? The Power that made the body, Heals the body!


Your Health Philosophy

In December we had shared an opportunity for you to join us to ask yourself the tough questions and find out if you truly know and understand about where you turn for your health. Do you know what your health philosophy is?

Dr. Patrick Gentempo walks you through 5 modules to help you not only understand why philosophy is important in your life, but most importantly why having a strong health philosophy is most important in your life.

You will be asked to introspectively think and answer questions like:

  1. Do you know what you believe?
  2. Do you know why you believe it?
  3. Where do you go for guidance of your health?
  4. Are you turning to blogs or websites that go against what you believe?

Each module takes about 30 minutes, so what are you waiting for? Maybe you forgot the link? It’s ok, we can help with that.

This $67 program is our gift to you. We look forward to sharing your health journey with you.

Anna- Kicking Cancer’s Butt

Miracle time again! If Kidney and Adrenal cancer scares you, please meet Anna! Her take no prisoners attitude inspires all of us. She lives a chiropractic lifestyle!

Please share!
Cooperstown, we educate and inspire, create a place of hope where Miracles are Expected.

Conferences & Supplements & E-mails, OH MY!

Conferences, & Supplements & E-mails…

Ok, well we aren’t really going to find the wonderful wizard of oz, but there are going to be having a change in our schedule, shifting the day we order supplements and encourage you to utilize certain e-mail addresses.

Instead of searching for a brain with the scarecrow, we will be definitely building our educational levels by attending some amazing conferences. Please note we will be closed on the following days:
Friday, March 4th- Saturday, March 5th.
Friday, March 18th – Saturday, March 19th.
Friday, March 25th – Saturday, March 26th.

We will not be with the tin man asking the wizard for a heart. But, to make sure you are keeping healthy and will have your supplements available to you, we will be shifting our ordering days to the following (while we are with Scarecrow)
Monday, February 29th
Monday, March 14th
Monday, March 21st

We do have plenty of courage to help you maintain your body’s optimum level of wellness, so we will not be joining the cowardly lion.¬†But, if you have questions that could help you be stronger in your wellness journey, please do not hesitate to ask us.
You can email all supplement orders or scheduling questions to 
You will receive a quick response from our amazing staff.
If you have general questions, suggestions, want to have us participate in an educational luncheon with your work, please email: 

We do appreciate you trusting us with you and¬†your family’s¬†health, and appreciate your understanding with the changes in our schedule.