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Treatment of Stroke Patients

New research was just released about the amazing changes to the brain with a Chiropractic Adjustment.  Utilizing a new technology during an adjustment, it was seen, measured and proven that brain cells are immediately created and synapses (connections) are instantly made.
This explains why 2 of our patients, one male in his 30s and one female in her 70s, had regrowth of the brain and optic nerve following a stroke!  Neither’s attending medical specialists had ever seen such a result. 
Remember those who suffer with strokes and refer them to Cooperstown.  We will identify if the cause was subluxation and correct it if it is.   Then watch as MIRACLES ARE EXPECTED!
High Blood Pressure
Did you know that an adjustment made to the base of the neck has been shown clinically to lower Blood Pressure?  Every blood pressure medication that is taken is expected to lower the pressure only 7 points!  Imagine how many drugs could be avoided or eliminated if your blood pressure was normalized in a natural drugless way!  Refer those you love for Chiropractic!

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