Scotty Cooper

Director Of Business Development- Scotty Cooper


Scotty handles the business side of Cooperstown Chiropractic to allow the doctors to do what they do best. Be the doctor.

How long have you been a part of the Cooperstown Chiropractic Family?

"My whole life!"

When did you start working for Cooperstown Chiropractic?


Why do you like/ love chiropractic?

"I love chiropractic because it allows your body to function at its most optimal level, gives your body the best opportunity to heal itself, and it increases athletic performance."

What is one thing you love most about working with our patients?

"I love meeting new motivated people that are excited to get healthy and well."

What is your chiropractic miracle?

"I have always lived a Chiropractic lifestyle.  My miracle would have to be excelling in sports from a young age and through high school.  And making it all the way to playing college football and never missing a play during my four years.  I credit my durability and athletic performance to the healthy Chiropractic lifestyle that I live."