Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is very easy to understand:

  • The body is supposed to function automatically.
  • The body is supposed to heal itself.
  • The body’s intelligence is in the brain.
  • The brain uses the nervous system to communicate to everything in the body.
  • If there is an interference within the spine which surrounds the nervous system, the nervous system can’t function correctly.




For example: if there is a subluxation at T9 (a vertebrae in the middle of the back) the brain can’t send the full message through the nervous system to the adrenal gland.

The adrenal gland has many functions including: stress handling or fighting off allergies.

We can identify if this is the cause of your problems with a consultation and examination with one of our doctors.

If this is the cause of your problem we fix the subluxation with the Chiropractic Adjustment.

Watch this video about the Chiropractic Adjustment!


“Research currently defines a chiropractic subluxation as a self‐perpetuating, central segmental motor control problem that involves a joint, such as a vertebral motion segment, that is not moving appropriately, resulting in ongoing maladaptive neural plastic changes that interfere with the central nervous system’s ability to self‐regulate, self‐organize, adapt, repair and heal.” The Rubicon Group May 2017

In simple terms, a subluxation is when a spinal bone called vertebra or group of spinal bones move inappropriately and cause an interference with the brain and nervous system affecting the body’s ability to function, heal and be healthy.

Subluxation is also seen as the sign that someone is stressed beyond their general adaptive capacity, not to the point of death, but to where they cannot fully function.


  1. Abnormal motion or position of the spinal bones – Spinal Kinesiopathology.
  2. Abnormal nervous system function – Neuropathophysiology.
  3. Abnormal muscle function – Myopathology.
  4. Abnormal soft tissue function – Histopathology.
  5. Abnormal function of the spine and body – Pathophysiology.

Subluxations are caused by any stress the body does not adapt to: physical, mental, emotional or chemical.


The biggest contradiction in our society is the idea Medicine is Healthcare.  Medicine is actually “sickcare” and when you apply a sickcare model you end up with a sick society.


Chiropractic philosophy is a Vitalistic view.  Chiropractic is biased to “you were born to be healthy.”  And if you are not, something is interfering with that process and we want to remove the interference.  This equates to the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Medicine’s philosophy is a Mechanistic view.  Medicine has the bias that the body is incompetent to heal and regulate itself, therefore they will add or subtract from the body to get the best outcome.  This equates to the whole is equal to the sum of parts.


There is an urgent problem in our community.  Many of our members have been deceived in believing that health comes from a knife or a pill.  As a result, over 120,000 of our loved ones have lost their lives in this deception.  Cooperstown Chiropractic exists to share the truth, to educate and inspire, to create a place of hope, where Miracles are expected.