Our Beliefs

We educate and inspire, creating a place of hope, where Miracles are Expected!

Cooperstown Chiropractic, a faith-filled center that specializes in natural healthcare. 

At Cooperstown Chiropractic, our purpose is to serve God by serving and saving Mankind through the gift of Chiropractic.


Cooperstown Core Values:

FAITH- We have the faith that the body can heal itself.  The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body.

HOPE- We create a place of Hope for our practice member’s.  Hope is the anchor of the Soul.

COMPASSION/PASSION- Together, we share the deep love of being healthy and well.

MIRACLES- We make changes in lives that lead to the possibility of Miracles.  We actually expect them.

GRATITUDE- We are grateful for what has not yet manifested and have solid faith that it will.

SUCCESSFUL- Our financial success is a manifestation of our spiritual, our emotional, our mental and our physical success.

FREEDOM- Having health provides us and our practice members Freedom to make healthcare decisions that ultimately keeps us healthier and safer.