Our Chiropractic Assistants

We consider all of our patients at Cooperstown Chiropractic as family, and some of our family becomes leaders in the practice and your best motivators. Our Chiropractic Assistants (CA for short) are here to help nurture and motivate you during your healing process at Cooperstown Chiropractic. All of our team at Cooperstown Chiropractic started off as patients, and they are here to help encourage you. To help you get to know them a little better, we did a little interview with them. 

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Corrine Miller

Corrine has been a part of the Cooperstown Chiropractic family since April 29, 1997.

She has been a CA with us since April 15, 2005.

When we asked her why she loves chiropractic she said,

"I love chiropractic because it saves lives, gets people off of medications that harm them, helps them live a healthier life, a happier life and a more fulfilled life."

What is the one thing you love most about working with our patients?

"I love to know the patients story, listen to them, help them, and give them a hug when needed. Our patients aren't just our patients, they become family. In my world everyone would get adjusted."

What is her chiropractic miracle?

"I have seen a lot of miracles in my family, but the one that I smile at the most is when Dr. Cooper was able to save my granddaughter Kacey from eye surgery. She was 6 months old and her doctor kept telling my son that she would have to have surgery by the time she was 8 months (she was born with a plugged tear duct) if it didn't clear on its own. Her eye was always closed 1/2 shut and red underneath, we would call her Popeye," as she started to giggle. "Dr. Cooper had me bring her 3 times a week for 2 weeks. They very last adjustment cleared her eye from all the stuff that would build up in it. That was it, she was good. Her eye was normal. Thank you, Dr. Cooper, and Thank You God!"

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Anna Gordon

Anna has been a part of the Cooperstown Chiropractic family since 2007.

She has been a CA with us since 2009. 

Why do you like/ love chiropractic?

"Oh my gosh, we could be here forever!"

What is one thing that you love most about working with patients?

"I love the fact that we love our patients like family. They actually do become family. It is a gift to be able to accompany them through their journey of wellness."

What is your chiropractic miracle?

"By the time I met Dr. Cooper, I had been to literally more doctors than I could count. Looking for a diagnosis to hopefully find a treatment for the symptoms I was experiencing: pain to every part of my body (the slightest touch to my skin was excruciating), a severe intolerance to smells & light, brain fog like you cannot believe, severe loss of strength in my arms, hands, legs, extreme fatigue, and I could not sleep more than an hour or two a night. I could not care for my 5 children. Volunteers from my church would come to my house daily cooking our meals, cleaning my house, doing my laundry and shuttling my kids back and forth to school. I saw every specialty doctor I could think of, underwent every test imaginable, I even had a spinal tap.

They never did find a reason for my symptoms. In fact, I knew I was dying of something and nobody believed me. It was then that I decided I would just go home and literally wait to die. I was too tired to fight for myself any longer. A few days after my last doctors appointment, I got a call from a friend of mine. She said, 'Anna, my chiropractor says he can help you.' The day I met Dr. Cooper changed my life forever. He immediately knew what was wrong with me. He was the first doctor that actually believed me and didn't look at me like I was crazy. I left his office the first day knowing that my life would be given back to me. I was not going to leave my husband alone with five young children, I was not going to miss all the important milestones of their lives. I HAD A FUTURE! My future was not crippled with pain and the inability to do the simplest tasks. Within 3 days of my 1st adjustment I began sleeping. I continued to get adjusted regularly, I started a nutritional program, and my pain began to lessen and from there all my symptoms, one by one began to leave me. I remember that 4 months after I started at Cooperstown, my family spent a day at Sea World. Going from only being able to walk a few feet, to being able to walk all day at an amusement park was beyond words.

What is so incredibly awesome is that my story is not unusual amongst Dr. Cooper's patients. There are miracle after miracle that take place here week after week, and I am so blessed to play a small part in it!  I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC, I LOVE COOPERSTOWN, I LOVE DR. COOPER!


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Charme Morales

Charme became part of the Cooperstown Chiropractic family in 2010 and joined our CA family in 2015

Why do you like/ love about Chiropractic?

"Chiropractic has changed my way of thinking. Giving me and my family a new choice of staying healthy. Its opened my eyes and mind. I feel so blessed from the bottom of my heart and soul to have found Dr. Cooper and his family/team."

What is the one thing that you love most about working with our patients?

"Working with patients helps me want to learn more and more so I can inspire and teach them about all the amazing benefits of Chiropractic."

What is your chiropractic miracle?  

"My miracle happened to my son. He struggled with warts. But, not just a couple here and there. They occupied his feet, toes, hands, fingers, knees and tummy. We tried so many methods and nothing helped. In pre-school we had to cover them with bandages so other kids and parents weren't nervous about 'catching them'. When they began inhabiting his face, we had to do something more. We came to Coop, my son's body wasn't recognizing the virus so that was why they were multiplying rapidly. He suggested we go to a Dermatologist. My son had 2 rounds of freezing and we went back to Coop. He was able to recognize the virus and put him on supplements and the warts were gone within a week-nothing, no more growths all over his body. It was awesome!"